Our story

All in the Family

Seymour Salett is Cara’s 92-year-old grandfather and a retired butcher. He worked at the family butcher shop, Salett’s, for 60 years. He’s also the inspiration behind our name. It’s a nod to our promise of transparency in everything we do, from production to ingredients to who we share our meals with.

Butchery runs deep.

Becoming a butcher wasn’t always Cara’s plan, but after working in restaurants through college she made her way back to butchery. And she immediately gravitated towards sausage. Why? It was her way of getting her customers to eat less meat. (A butcher pushing less meat!? We know. Stay with us…)

Thousands of Sausages Later

Before she knew it, her colorful, veggie-packed sausages were racking up fans and long lines at local butcher shops. And she quickly realized that it was something that could scale.

In 2020, Cara and her team built out a network of partners to help with production and fulfillment, making it possible to ship her sausages nationally and fill the shelves at grocery stores across the country.

Seemore Meats & Veggies is the result of Cara’s 10+ year journey to make meat eating sustainable (and really fun).

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    Kindness is key

    We only work with farms and producers who treat their animals with respect. All of our meat is certified humanely raised through the Global Animal Partnership.

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    A Healthy Ecosystem

    We value the entire ecosystem of food production, including the environment around us. Purchasing carbon credits to offset a portion of our emissions is one of the ways we’re doing our part.

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    Happy Team

    Company culture is a BIG deal to us. We also pay competitive wages, offer full benefits, and paid professional development.

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    Above All, Have Fun

    Everyone’s invited to our sausage party. We’re here to mix up the industry with innovation, responsibility, kindness, delicious products and many, many sausage jokes.

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